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Welcome! I am Jason Long, the owner and founder of The Online Horse Sale, an online bidding platform where you will find quality horses and the promise of honesty. I grew up on a small farm/cow-calf operation in eastern Nebraska. In my earlier years I grew up on different feedyards and ranches, whatever I could do to make a living horseback. I have always been passionate about improving my horsemanship and that led me to spending about 5 years working for some of the best performance horse trainers in the industry. I have had some success showing horses in the NCHA, NRCHA, ranch horse competitions and even won a few checks team roping. I strive to make a very well-rounded horse that can get the job done in and out of the arena. Throughout this entire journey, I have always been very passionate about marketing and selling horses, which led me to creating the Online Horse Sale.

Recently, in 2022, The Online Horse Sale was developed as a way for me to connect horse buyers with the right sellers, in order to make a smooth and easy transaction for both parties. 


Consigning your horse with us, is a great way to receive helpful marketing tips, eliminate tire kickers and get the maximum value for your horse. If you have questions, please feel free to contact me directly. 


What We Do

Equine Evaluation

With years of experience in the equine industry, you can feel reassured with our honest evaluation of your horse and what marketing approach to take.


We have connections with a handful of professional equine photographers. Allow us to recommend one to you in order to show your horse in the most deserving light.


A great video is key for a buyer to see your horse's talents and abilities. We can assist you in compiling a video or advising on a video that you have already created.


We pride ourselves in not simply selling horses but rather selling a quality horse to the right buyer in order to make a great match.

Consign Your Horse

Thanks for your submission.

Fill out the form and submit your horse for consideration to be consigned with us.


Please note that not all horses will be selected but we will contact you to discuss more. Thank you!

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